Zodiac-White on White fashion
At first i would like to say, that I'm very glad Ive been able play small part in this project and have opportunity meet many talented people who work very hard on this project.

The concepts and vision were prepared by Wilda Saintiany Mazhar of RedCarpetLook and LipstickGlams.
In terms of background, this project is a series of high fashion photoshoots based on the signs of the Zodiac. Each theme is a highly stylized Look with a designer gown, unique setting and well-chosen accessories and props, complete with a well-cast model, who can project the appropriate mood.
The purpose of these shoots is to showcase some great Ottawa talent and businesses, while also raising funds for a small orphanage (located in Cimahi, West Java-Indonesia).
More complete vision document is here:

with Wilda there is another very talented person behind this project.
Mike Giovinazzo-
Organizer,Photography/locations/Lighting/studio Setups/adviser, management , photographers ,and many other tasks he is in charge of.

- There is also many other people involved in this project:
great team of Make-up Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Designers, Set designers, models and photographers

and Here is few photos I was able to take in this project: for Credits click small arrow on bottom right on each photo.